Kind reminder

The museum has never authorized any institution or person to sell interpretation tickets online. We call on all visitors to not resell the interpretation tickets for the museum online to prevent cases of fraud or unnecessary loss.

  • Instructor
    Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean
    Nearly 1 hour
    Cultural Relics Area
    Meet at
    Desk 1 in Interpretation Reception (to the right of the gate of the cultural relics area)
    (i) Group-booking interpretation
    Interpretation will be provided as long as a group of 10 people on site book the service at the price of RMB 20/person/time.
    (ii) Common interpretation

    Interpretation in Chinese: 1-3 persons RMB 50/person/time

    Interpretation in Chinese: 4 or more persons RMB 40/person/time

    Interpretation in a foreign language: 1-3 persons RMB 70/person/time

    Interpretation in a foreign language: 4 or more persons RMB 60/person/time

    (iii) Special interpretation

    Interpretation on incorruptible culture and research and studies will cost RMB 50/person/time, and if there are 5 or more persons, they can book the service as a group.

    Reminder: These services are available if an appointment is made one day in advance by calling 028-85568685.

    Process of the interpretation

    (i) Buy an interpretation ticket at Desk 1 at Interpretation Reception;

    (ii) Have a ticket, fulfill the proper procedures (get headphones after paying the deposit) at Desk 2 at Interpretation Reception;

    (iii) The interpretation will last (about 1 hour);

    (iv) Return the headphones and receive the deposit at Desk 2 at Interpretation Reception when the service is over.

  • Free Interpretation
    Chinese, English

    10mins free audio interpretation, map guide, image-text introduction, etc.

    Method of use

    Follow the WeChat Official Account cdwuhouci (scan the QR Code or search cdwuhouci on WeChat) and choose “Interpretation” to use.

    Friendly reminder: Please use headphones to listen to the interpretation to not bother other visitors.

  • Online Audio Interpretation
    Area of cultural relics
    Interpretations & rates

    Special interpretation RMB 15

    Interesting interpretation RMB 15

    Expert interpretation RMB 18

    Dialect interpretation RMB 18

    Interpretation for teens RMB 12

    Temporary Exhibition RMB 10 at least

    Exhibition of the Eternal and Amicable Monarch-Subject Relationship RMB 10 (Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean)

    Where to get interpretation services

    Scan the QR Code below to go to the mini program for online audio interpretation, pay for the one you want, and enjoy.

    Service hotline


  • Smart Audio Guide
    Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish
    Cultural Relics Area
    Rent RMB 30/time, Deposit RMB 200/device
    1. Self-service rental

    Where to borrow and return the device: Tourist Center, Sanyi Temple, Interpretation Reception (to the right of the gate)

    How to use the device:Borrow and return the device by following the instructions on the rental machine and scanning the QR Code with WeChat or Alipay to pay. The devices can be borrowed and returned at all rental machines in the museum; Several smart audio guides can be borrowed in one order.

    2. Rental service window

    Where to borrow and return the device: Desk 3 at Interpretation Reception.

    How to borrow and return the device at the window: Our staff will assist you in handling relevant rental formalities.