• 1
    This museum is an official Key Cultural Relics Preservation Zone, take precautions against fire hazards, observe relevant rules and regulations on fire safety and cherish cultural relics. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Cultural Relics Zone.
  • 2
    Flammable, explosive, corrosive items and sharp objects such as knives are strictly prohibited inside the museum. Lighting fireworks or firecrackers are strictly prohibited.
  • 3
    Do not bring any pets into the museum
  • 4
    Please keep voice down, do not take or make phone calls inside the Exhibition Room, and help maintain an ideal environment for all visitors
  • 5
    Those who are not properly clothed are prohibited from entering the museum.
  • 6
    Please supervise seniors and children at all times, and take safety precautions to avoid accidents
  • 7
    Please protect cultural relics and public facilities, do not carve, paint on, deface or climb on properties, protect and do not collect, remove or damage any plants or natural materials;
  • 8
    Please maintain a sanitary environment inside the museum, do not spit or dispose chewing gum on floor, and do not litter
  • 9
    Please do not ride bicycle, drive or park vehicles inside museum grounds
  • 10
    Please do not touch emergency alarm unless necessary; do not damage safety signs or direction signs. Follow instructions of staff, and in emergency situations follow commands of our staff and evacuate safely.