• 1
    Opening times: 7:00 - 22:00 (except for temporary closure due to hosting of large-scale events or renovation)
  • 2
    Please take care of your own belongings and valuables, beware of your own safety and wellbeing.
  • 3
    Bringing pets onto property grounds is not permitted. Flammable, explosive and other hazardous materials are not permitted on property grounds.
  • 4
    Fishing in pond, swimming or wading in waters is not permitted. Begging and trash-picking is not permitted. 
  • 5
    Carving, painting on or defacing any scenery or facility, climbing on or tampering with trees, picking or removing flowers, removing biological samples or other actions that damage the scenery, environment, ecology or public facility is not permitted.
  • 6
    Please do not litter. Proper attire is required on property grounds, and uncivilized actions such as loitering, sleeping, consuming excessive alcohol or any unsafe act is not permitted.
  • 7
    Burning trees, leaves, grass or trash, or use of fire, is not permitted. Smoking in non-designated smoking areas is not permitted.
  • 8
    Engaging in any superstitious activity, gambling or other activities prohibited by laws and regulations is strictly forbidden. Please do not engage in unauthorized activities such as public lecture, assembly, fund-raising. Distributing leaflets, advertisements or other materials on property grounds is not permitted.
  • 9
    Without prior authorization, engaging in any activity that damage public facility or garden landscape is not permitted. Please do not set up point of sales or engage in any commercial activity on property grounds.
  • 10
    Children must be accompanied by guardians such as parents when touring property grounds. Visitors unable to take care of themselves or mental patients must be supervised for entry onto property grounds.
  • 11
    Unauthorized motorized vehicles and unmotorized vehicles are not permitted to enter property grounds, please do not drive over the speed limit and unauthorized parking is not permitted.
  • 12
    Morning exercise period is between 7:00am and 9:00am. When performing morning exercises, please beware of the safety of others, making unauthorized electricity connections is not permitted, the use of high-volume loudspeakers is strictly forbidden, volume of audio devices should be strictly controlled, making excessive noises is not permitted, and do not affect others or interfere with visitors.
  • 13
    We reserve the right to stop violators of the above regulations, and penalize those who do not conform to instructions according to relevant laws and regulations.